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Welcome to NSU's School of Humanities and Social Sciences (SHSS)! For over 25 years SHSS has distinguished itself nationally and globally through its academic programs and community engagement initiatives on and off campus. We are committed to inclusive excellence, learner-centeredness, social responsibility, and reflective practice. It is exciting that we are coming together with colleagues, students, and alumni across the entire campuses to become One NSU to realize Vision 2020. By partnering with our sister units and community agencies, there are more and more creative opportunities for cross-disciplinary learning, research, and practice.

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Choosing the Right Career Path for You!

When considering a career in the helping professions, you’ll find a myriad of disciplines with different schools of thought. Learning which approach fits better with your set of values and beliefs can guide you in choosing the right career path. For instance, marriage and family therapists believe individuals should be considered in context. In addition to individual development and personality, relationships at home, school, work, and the larger culture are explored. As fully qualified mental health professionals, MFTs diagnose and perform assessments and collaborate with clients to explore different possibilities and outcomes. The focus is on the client’s strengths. Read the article below to learn more.

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